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A young dancer in traditional regalia at Seafair Indian Days Powwow. (Photo courtesy of Jack Storms)

Seafair Indian Days Powwow is July 15-17 in Discovery Park

Learn about Indigenous culture through dance, music, art and food

This weekend is your family’s opportunity to discover or engage in Indigenous culture through dance, music, Native arts and crafts and traditional foods during the 33rd Annual Seafair Indian Days Powwow.

The powwow takes place at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, in Discovery Park, Friday through Sunday, July 15-17 (2022).

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, event organizers, offer this history of the powwow: “In early times, hunters would invite their friends and relatives to share their good fortune. As time went on, while the meal was being prepared, relatives would dance to honor their host. Eventually, the dancing became the main focus of the event. Powwows also had religious significance. They were an opportunity for families to hold naming and honoring ceremonies.”

This weekend, Native Americans of all tribes and cultures will come together to celebrate their heritage and showcase traditional Indian cooking, jewelry-making, music, dance and food, which is a central part of Native Peoples hospitality.

Join in a traditional salmon bake and get a taste of other traditional Indigenous foods. Don’t sit on the sidelines when the Grand Entry dance begins. After Native American dancers enter the powwow circle in their traditional regalia, all are welcome to join the dance.


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