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Weekend picks Barney the Harbor Seal, one of the animals people can see when Seattle Aquarium reopens June 29

Barney the Harbor Seal, whose meals you can watch online. Photo: Seattle Aquarium.

Seattle Aquarium reopens June 29

Seattle Aquarium reopens June 29, with coronavirus precautions.

The Seattle Aquarium reopens to visitors on Monday, June 29, with timed tickets and coronavirus precautions.

This won’t be the bustling aquarium you likely remember. Visitors will be limited to 15 percent of the aquarium’s capacity, making it a quiet space where fish definitely outnumber people.

The rules require ever visitor over age 2  to wear a mask. Visitors will only be able to walk one way through the exhibits. (No backtracking!) And you will need to look for be marks on the floor showing where to stand, in order to maintain a health social distance.

One of the features most loved by kids, the tide pools, will still be there, but with a no-touch rule.

Restrooms will be single occupancy (or one family occupancy) only.

You can buy tickets online at For Washington residents, they are $27.95, and $17.95 for kids aged 4 to 12. You can buy tickets at the aquarium, but they are $2 more. Guests need to show up only for the time printed on their tickets.

Bring a refillable water bottle, because there will be no water fountains.

For more details on what to expect, there’s a video at

More attractions for animal lovers: Cougar Mountain Zoo is open, and Woodland Park Zoo opens July 1.



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