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Seattle Pinball Museum Offers All Day Family Fun

The Seattle Pinball Museum offers more than fifty machines and no shortage of fun for ages 7 and up.

“Thwack, sproing, click, ding-ding” was the music to my ears I heard the moment I walked into the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District. Located at 508 Maynard Ave. S., this mecca of all things pinball has been spinning its way into players’ hearts since 2010. With more than 50 machines, and unlimited play for one fee, it's a fine place to play away a day with your bigger kids. 

Owners Cindy and Charlie Martin started out with their own private collection of pinball machines in their home but wanted to share their outstanding collection with other pinball fans.  Thanks to the innovative program Storefronts, that supports artistic endeavors in abandoned storefronts to revitalize neighborhoods, they got their start in as a pop-up in an empty storefront in the ID in 2010 and transitioned to become a permanent stand-alone business in 2011. 

If you are looking for a way to let your 7-year-old feel the specialness of turning the big 7, bring them for a visit to the Pinball Museum; kids must be 7 and older to play. The Museum is open Thursday-Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday-Monday and Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m. It is closed on Tuesday.  You pay one fee to play all the machines as many times as you wish and you have the choice between one-entry – play ends when you leave the museum – and Multi-entry – you can come and go from the museum as many times you want on the day of purchase. Prices:  $15 for adults one-entry, $20 – multi-entry; $12 for kids ages 7 – 12 one-entry, $17 for kids ages 7 – 12 multi-entry. aI was delighted to discover they even have a few retro video games.

There isn’t a separate party room, but there’s space for parties to flow through the museum as they play, in the words of The Who, a mean pinball. 

Sodas, a few snacks and local crafts beers and ciders are available for purchase, but no outside food or beverages are allowed. But the mega Asian grocery store and food court Uwajimaya  is within walking distance with more delectable dining opportunities than you can imagine. See Field Tripping with the Fam at Asian Megastore Uwajimaya or if you prefer to sit down for a real meal, one of best places to eat with families in the city is kitty-corner Uwajimaya on 6th Ave S. – A Parent Review: Shanghai Garden.


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