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Seattle Storm games: good, family-friendly fun

If you’re looking for an action-packed sporting event that will entertain the whole family, you should consider a Seattle Storm basketball game. These superstar women are the defending WNBA champions and a talented team that is fun and inspiring to watch.

Even if you’re not a huge basketball fan, it’s hard to not get into the excitement and thrill of it all. Storm games are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and fun interactive activities that get the whole crowd involved and energized. During halftime and timeouts, you’ll often see the Storm Dance Troupe (ages 5-15) perform, and appearances by the Storm mascot, Doppler. In fact, all kids are invited to join the Seattle Children’s Doppler Train during the first timeout of the fourth quarter at each home game. The cue is when you hear “C’Mon N’ Ride the Train.”

A couple more reasons why a Seattle Storm game makes a great family outing? The tickets are reasonably priced and much cheaper than trying to get the whole family into a Seahawks game, for example. And, the whole experience, with four 10-minute quarters and timeouts, lasts just under two hours, which is great for little ones with shorter attention spans. Finally, there are plenty of cool theme nights to choose from that just add to the fun of the experience.

Finally, we have some tips for making the most of your time at the game and having the maximum amount of fun:

  • Wear Storm colors! Green, yellow and gray.
  • Make and bring creative signs to the game and cheer on the team or your favorite player.
  • Make friends with the Storm fans sitting next to you and try to start the Wave or trade high fives for all the awesome plays.
  • Remain standing until the Storm scores for the first time and repeat for the beginning of the second half.
  • And of course, be LOUD. REALLY LOUD!

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