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Seattle teens may be getting an extra hour of sleep

Here’s another reason to wish you were a teen again: Last night's community meetings regarding the proposed later start times for secondary school students kicked off in Seattle. 

The week-long community meetings are being held by school officials to answer the public’s questions about the proposal and to receive suggestions before the proposal is presented to the school board. 

A research committee – who I confirmed were not teens – spent 7 months coming up with a school schedule that would better suit teen’s sleep needs, according to the Seattle Times. The proposed later start times are in response to scientific studies that show that during adolescence, children’s sleep cycles begin to alter, which leads to them getting sleepier about an hour later at night. The changes will also cost an estimated 3 million dollars to implement and won’t go into effect until Fall 2016. 

It seems that most parents and organizations are behind the later start times for secondary students. If you are for or against the proposal, consider attending one of the community meetings, which will be held for the rest of the week and next Monday. 

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