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Singing the praises of our unsung heroes

Read about all of the remarkable people in our community who won Washington Unsung Hero Awards.


Seattle's Child is proud to sponsor the Washington Unsung Hero Awards in February, presented by Strengthening Families Washington of the Department of Early Learning for Washington state. These awards recognized the numerous and impressive things done by parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents to strengthen their families and those around them in the community.

There are 28 Unsung Heroes honored – one for each day in February. Read about the honorees and their inspirational stories here:


February 1: Art and Ruby Harper 

February 2: Jill Farbarik

​February 3: Cindy Nott

February 4: Aaron Joseph

February 5: John and Lisa Levesque

February 6: Allene Osborn

February 7: Lindsey & Elizabeth Miller

February 8: Doug Barker

February 9: Achamma (Sandy) John

February 10: Summer McGrady

February 11: Beth Clow

February 12: Julie Kang

February 13: Melissa Wooley

February 14: Mellissa Hiatt

February 15: Zhuo Bin Yu and Yu Ping Yu

February 16: Fartun Mohamud

February 17: D’Angela Nickerson

​February 18: Elisa Ye

February 19: Mike Cocke

​February 20: Linda and Becky Porter

February 21: Connie Todd-Mandler

February 22: Catriona Colerick

​February 23: Emily Pico

February 24: Nicole Homan

February 25: Christina Kohout

February 26: Charlene Monuszko

February 27: Rick and Janet Russum

February 28: Kasy and Tena Starkel