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'Super Readers': Seattle schools want kids to work on their reading superpower this summer



"Faster than a speed reader, more curious than that popular little monkey, able to read long words in a single breath …" Seattle Public Schools announced "Seattle Super Readers," a summer promotion pointed toward the district's goal of having all students reading at grade level by third grade.

“We want students to build their reading superpowers this summer,” said Superintendent Denise Juneau, who kicked off the program by reading to students attending a summer program in South Seattle. “If all our students read just 20 minutes a day throughout the summer, it’ll really help them be ready for next school year."

Before school let out for summer, younger students at 13 schools were given a total of more than 30,000 books for their summer enjoyment.

To encourage kids to read, some school libraries will have special summer hours. Find those here.

More reading-focused events are planned for later this summer, including a to-be-announced special event with Seattle Public Library and a reading emphasis during the weeklong Jump Start program, which prepares new students for kindergarten.


More resources:

Seattle Public Schools strategic plan (that includes the reading goal).

Summer Staircase, the summer learning program at 18 school sites across the district.

Team Read is a nonprofit organization that provides a unique, cross-age, one-on-one tutoring program after school and during the summer, in partnership with SPS and Highline Public Schools and the Seattle Public Library.

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