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Thanks to the Kindness of a Stranger “Wuddy” is Home

There really are happy endings sometimes to the "lost at the airport" stories.


This is the story of a little suitcase that went from Seattle to Houston and finally home to Brooklyn.

Several times a year, when my granddaughter flies with her parents and little sister across the country to visit her Seattle grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles,  she always brings her lunchbox-size suitcase that I bought for her when I spotted it in the Copenhagen airport two years ago. It was perfect – small enough for a toddler to tote and big enough to hold her lamb blankie “Wuddy” and a few other choice treasures.

This August we had two glorious weeks together but six hours after we said our tearful “good-byes” we got this report from Fiona's dad:  “Flight went amazingly well. Bad news is little suitcase got left at Sea-Tac. Reported it to airport Lost and Found. Hoping it will be turned in and you can pick it up. ”

Our phone calls over the next 24 hours to Sea-Tac and Delta and the restaurant where the precious cargo was left brought only  “no, so sorry.” Then a day later, as our hopes sagged, the airport Lost and Found got in touch with Fi's dad. 

An exceptionally good-hearted woman (Camille Neely Sullivan) had found the suitcase. Determined to find the owner, she brought it back to her home in Houston. There she posted a plea on her FB page, asking friends to help her find Fiona (there was a name tag on the suitcase).  She also messaged the SeaTac Lost & Found with her FB post.




The airport Lost and Found immediately connected the two families and in a few days,  Fiona's suitcase arrived at her home with Wuddy tucked safely inside.