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The fire trucks are out again this Friday night


Join the Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Police Department for what they are saying is the final "Friday Night Lights" this Friday, May 8. Here's the updated map.

The plan for this week: "We will drive through highly residential areas and streets with assisted living and long-term care facilities."

Fire engines and ladder trucks from all fire stations will drive slowly through a portion of their districts from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Friday targeting highly residential streets and areas with assisted living and long-term care facilities. Check the Seattle Fire Department Facebook page for a link to a map of where they are heading this week.

Families are encouraged to bring kids to the window or doorstep of your house and make some noise as the rigs drive by.

Remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines and do not approach the rigs as they drive by. Also, realize that they may get pulled away in the event of a call for help.

Firefighters will flash their lights to let you know that they are here to serve and we are #SeattleTogether during this challenging time of battling COVID-19.

Fire districts in the city have been divided up into a north and south zone for each week.

The fire truck parades began April 17 and have been very popular.