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Unsung Heroes: Crystal and Roddy Bauer, foster parents who go above and beyond

Each day in February, we introduce you to an outstanding caregiver doing important work on behalf of children.

Seattle's Child is proud to once againsponsor the Unsung Heroes being honored in February bythe Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington.

Every day this month we'll present an Unsung Hero.

Nominations are acceptedfrom around the state and and include biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofit organizations; some mentor others in their communities. All honorees are true heroes: outstanding caregivers doing importantwork on behalf of children.

Crystal and Roddy Bauer (of Vancouver)are standout foster parents and go above and beyond the call of duty to help biological parents gain reunification of their children.

Aside from working a full-time job as a paraeducator for the Vancouver School District and being a foster parent for children that typically have a high set of needs, she also works side by side with biological parents to mentor and support them in their journey of reunification. Crystal has a strong understanding of child development and the needs of the many children that have been placed in her and Roddy’s home.

Typically, a child that is placed in the Bauer home will come in with an immense amount of trauma, will not sleep at night, lash out at the adults and other children in the home, display aggression, and many of times have been in several other foster homes where placement has failed. This was the scenario that I experienced with one of the children on my caseload, and then I found the Bauers.

Crystal and Roddy have turned this child’s life around and provided stability for the child as his mother works towards correcting her parental deficiencies. I have worked with Crystal and Roddy for nearly a year and I have seen the transformation that has taken place with the children that they have in their home, and with the parents that they are guiding to become the best parent they can be and it’s a phenomenal experience to observe.

Nominated by Selena Deer

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