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2020 Seattle's Child Poetry Contest Poems

In the Winter

By Timothy LaRose


The cold wind wisps like a whistle blowing,

Fresh falling snow softly flowing,

Sparkling white dust glittery glowing.


Together they stood in frosty weather,

Huddled like birds of the feather,

And they’ll play, wishing they could forever.


They brought to the mountain-like snowy hills their sleds,

Sliding, rolling, ending up on their heads,

Then hiking back to hot chocolate and warm beds.


A big group of friends playing games and singing songs,

Joyfully having fun all the day long,

Relationships are good, so how could they be wrong?


Delicious snacks are provided there at this winter wonderland,

This place is meant for bonding, together the children stand,

A peaceful place where children sing, hand in hand,


How could creating relationships be wrong, here in this big white and frosty, snow-covered, magical wonderland?



Washington State

By Timothy LaRose


Water flows around the rocks,

After that into the docks.

See the trees,

Happy bees,

In this beautiful green land.

Nothing at all can compare,

Grand beauty everywhere.




Steller's Jay Haiku
by Kainoa Grade 2
Blue and beautiful
hunting, diving, chirping loud
flying gracefully

This is great,

Oh so good,

Nothing at all can compare.




The Painters
by Issabella M. Grade 6
We are the painters.
With buckets at our feet,
And brushes in hand,
We paint on the empty canvases
Of our lives.
With reds and blues and yellows
With the steady brushstrokes
Of time.
The colors are forever changing
With the ebb and flow
Of life.
But me?
I own the colors you can't describe,
The colors that bear
No Name.
They are deep and sad
And shallow and joyful.
I paint with colors 
You could only imagine.
There are no
Reds and blues and yellows
For me.

“The Phone Stealer”

Van S., Third Grade, Seattle

It all started in town square.
Yes, it all started there.
There, the thing was awoken
Just by a coffee cup broken.
It started earthquakes and fires
And brought down Fred Meyers
And then it found my phone
And left us all alone.
And my phone, I still lack
but if I steal it, It will come back!
Dogs Love You
Alex L 
First Grade 
Seattle WA 
Love you
As much
As you do 
They snuggle 
With you 
Love you 
Mimi S, First grade, Seattle

Cats have long tails

And very sharp nails.
Meow, meow, meow they say
All night and all day.
Their noses are wet,
They make a great pet,
They prance, jump, and leap
And snuggle together in a big heap.

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