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4 enchanting stories for a heartwarming season

These great books help kids learn about winter holidays.

Holiday books: Here are some charming yet poignant holiday reads to share with friends and loved ones as chilly winds approach.

The Snowflake
by Benji Davies

 The Snowflake is a delightful tale that draws parallels between a snowflake’s journey and a little girl’s path as they work out where they fit in the world. This wonderfully illustrated book will transport readers to a snowy wonderland as they follow Noelle and the snowflake.

The People Remember
by Ibi Zoboi; illustrated by Loveis Wise

In The People Remember, Ibi Zoboi weaves the seven principles of Kwanzaa with Black history in America. With poetic text and stunning illustrations, young readers are introduced to Kwanzaa and its place in African-American history. It demonstrates how cultures can endure adversity, why that is important today, and why it matters to celebrate. A must-read for families.

Binny’s Diwali
by Thrity Umrigar; illustrated by Nidhi Chanani

 Binny’s Diwali is about how Binny does her best to describe the magic of Diwali, India’s annual holiday festival of lights, to her classmates. It’s a story that both introduces young readers to Diwali and demonstrates the vulnerability of presenting a part of your identity to an audience.

The Christmas Mitzvah
by Jeff Gottesfeld; illustrated by Michelle Laurentia Agatha

 The Christmas Mitzvah is the heartwarming story of how friends and loved ones blend their  Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations into a festive symphony that emphasizes being with the people who matter most. Inspired by a true story, this book shows readers that celebrations are about the people we choose to spend them with.


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Originally published Dec. 5, 2021

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