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Gene Coulon Park

9 things to do at Gene Coulon Park in Renton

There's a playground (of course!) and there's much, much more.

Updated May 2023

If you’re looking for a new day trip or family excursion destination, consider Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in Renton. Some parts of Coulon Beach Park are currently closed for construction (Here’s a map of the construction which is taking place from October 2022 – Summer 2023).

Let us count the reasons to love Gene Coulon Park:

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Gene Coulon Park playground

Playground: It’s huge and was recently redone, including many inclusive elements. (More inclusive playgrounds here.)

Parties and people watching: On a recent spring day, there was a wedding and at least five other parties. Shelters (some with grills) can be reserved.

Play around: Tennis courts, sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits. There’s also plenty of room to toss around a football or frisbee.

Animals and nature: Near the playground is a boardwalk path that juts out into the lake. Also: How often do you spot turtles on your walks? These 10 were hanging out in the water, maybe 20 yards from the playground. A young boy we saw informed us that, just moments before, there had been 11. One had just gone in for a swim, or maybe to look for a less-crowded log. There are lots of ducks, there are geese (and their droppings), and it’s also possible to spot bald eagles.

Beach time: There’s a nice long beach with a swimming area, which is staffed seasonally with lifeguards.

Boats: Gene Coulon Park is a major boat-launching point, so that means there’s always something to see coming or going.


Boeing: The 737 factory is right next door, and you can see planes sitting out on the lot. Sometimes they are coming and going, too. Also, floatplanes take off and land nearby.

Ivar’s/Kidd Valley: Grab lunch or a snack. There are plenty of tables everywhere. There’s also plenty of grass for spreading out a picnic blanket.

Gene Coulon Park

Walk, walk, walk: There are miles of trails, most with great lake views. You can also walk on docks on the lake!

Also nearby:

Shopping center The Landing is very close, with retail and big-box stores and multiple dining options. Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila is not far, either; nor is the Renton IKEA.


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