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An election/inauguration playlist for kids: Get out the wiggles!

6 songs (and videos) that celebrate the democratic process.

An election/inauguration playlists for kids that have catchy music to them and will help teach your kids about this important topic. Your kids will get out the wiggles while learning!

‘Let’s Take a Vote’

Parents, how do you explain voting to a 5-year-old? This catchy song helps young children understand why we vote.

‘Presidential Minute 1’

This “Schoolhouse Rock” video explains a presidential election (well, a presidential election from a less chaotic time, at least) and what usually happens in the run-up to Election Day.

‘Vote Song’

In this catchy song Vote Song from “Sesame Street,“ younger kids exercise — and exercise the right to vote: “Make a choice and raise your hand! Make a choice and shout it out!”

‘America the Beautiful’

If you’re partial to the Muppets and Fozzie Bear, you’ll get a kick out of this rendition of “America the Beautiful” from “The Muppet Movie.”


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