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kids election playlist

An election playlist for kids: Get out the vote — and the wiggles

6 songs (and videos) that celebrate voting.

These six songs (with videos) can help you and your kids get excited for Election Day.

1. The “educating hip-hop trio” from Go Noodle, Blazer Fresh, offers a fresh take on doing your civic duty. Bonus: Your child can learn to vote and copy some new dance moves, too.

Blazer Fresh, ‘Vote’

2. Perfect for preschoolers, this PBS video lays out how to set up a democratic process, even when choosing a class pet. (Do we want an octopus or a goat? Vote!)

‘Let’s Take a Vote’

3. This “Schoolhouse Rock” video explains a presidential election (well, a presidential election from a less chaotic time, at least) and what usually happens in the run-up to Election Day.

‘Presidential Minute 1’

4. In this catchy song from “Sesame Street,“ younger kids exercise — and exercise the right to vote: “Make a choice and raise your hand! Make a choice and shout it out!”

‘Vote Song’

5. If you’re partial to the Muppets and Fozzie Bear, you’ll get a kick out of this rendition of “America the Beautiful” from “The Muppet Movie.”

‘America the Beautiful’

6. In this “Schoolhouse Rock” 1970s classic (with information-packed lyrics that haunted some of us through high school U.S. history class), a blues-singing bill explains how he can become a law.

‘I’m Just a Bill’

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