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pumpkin carving tips

Carving pumpkins? Here are some ideas to get you started

Find some pro tips for your project, too

Pumpkin carving tips: If you ask me, there’s nothing at all wrong with a simple, slightly imperfect, crooked-smile carved pumpkin. But then, you walk down the street (or look online) and realize that there are lots of other, artistic ways you could go.

We found inspiration in a few places:

[ And when you’re done: Here’s how to make delicious roasted pumpkin seeds ]

From Good Housekeeping: 70 easy pumpkin-carving ideas that anyone can pull off in time for Halloween.  I’m a little skeptical of the “easy” and “anyone” parts, but I enjoyed clicking through the gallery.

From House Beautiful (which, notably, did not say, “Anyone can do this.”) 70 pumpkin-carving ideas that will impress all of your neighbors. Again, a fun gallery to scroll through. They also have wonderful ideas for no-carve pumpkins, perfect decor for your kitchen table or front step.

Safewise offers kid-friendly pumpkin carving ideas and advice including a chart on “picking the perfect carving pumpkin” and also “to help avoid a trip to the ER,” (not making that up!)

Better Homes & Gardens has a list of “10 Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Kids,” and they are cute.

Now … We would love to see what you come up with — and it doesn’t have to be magazine-perfect. In fact, we’d almost prefer it not be. If you are willing to share with us — and with your fellow readers — please email

Have fun! (And be careful with those knives.)

pumpkin carving tips

Here’s a very 2020 (and a very easy!) jack o’ lantern design.


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