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Discover Learning Opportunities at Cascade Enrichment

Cascade Enrichment has carefully crafted the tutoring experience for both students and parents. Each student is placed with a tutor picked specifically for them, someone who specializes in the areas where the student needs the most support. 

Cascade Enrichment has a diverse group of tutors available to help in all K-12 subject areas. Whether you need a reading tutor for your 1st grader, an algebra tutor for your middle schooler or a physics tutor for your high schooler– Cascade Enrichment has the right tutor for your child. 

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Services at your home

Parents don’t need to clear their busy schedules to drive to a tutoring center– instead, the tutor meets with your child at your home. Students can choose a quiet and comfortable study area at home to meet their tutor. 

How your child is doing

After each lesson, tutors follow up so that parents are assured that their student is receiving the instruction and care that they need. Personal connections and open dialogue between parents and tutors mean that tutoring strategies are dynamic and flexible. 

Throughout your child’s educational journey, Cascade Enrichment works to adjust services to your child’s evolving learning needs. Your child has an educational support system that learns and grows with them, ensuring a well-established and thorough enhancement of their education.

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Learning Gaps Addressed

Learning gaps have become increasingly prevalent in the wake of the pandemic and many parents are turning to regular tutor support to provide their kids with an academic boost. The problem is that these gaps are not universal or identical – each student has different needs; while some might want support and affirmation with subjects they’re already familiar with, others may need a complete refresher on certain topics. Individual learning gaps require individual solutions – this is where Cascade Enrichment comes in.

Special subject focus and tutor expertise

Each tutor has a specialty area. Some focus on working with younger children, providing a friendly and lively environment for students to get excited about learning! Other tutors help students who have problems managing time or deadlines, supplying them with important learning tools and helping them learn to balance their schoolwork in a healthy, responsible way. No matter what your student needs, Cascade Enrichment has a place for your child.

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Enrichment Programs: STEM

Now more than ever, as technology becomes integral to future careers, parents are looking for engaging STEM programs. When kids have access to STEM programs at an early age, their overall academic performance has been shown to improve. Even if kids have a firm grasp of the concepts they learn in the classroom, applied learning helps cement those skills, helping kids visualize and understand how school applies to the real world.

Cascade Enrichment offers hands-on STEM camps, after-school enrichment programs, and remotely-taught, individualized enrichment lessons with expert instructors. 

STEM Camps: Hands-on learning

While participating in STEM camps, kids have a blast getting their hands messy and doing a whole host of science experiments. Instead of experiencing summer learning loss, campers become excited and curious about learning. Similarly, after-school science programs provide students with a meaningful and engaging way to end their day. 

At home with STEM enrichment online

Online enrichment programs provide students with the most accessible applied learning experiences, tailored for them. Students work remotely with an instructor and can choose from a variety of enrichment activities. 

Enrichment lessons are available for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Lessons look different, depending on the student’s age and experience in the subject matter. For instance, instructors introduce coding using simpler coding languages like Scratch and work up to Python coding. 

Exploring crucial and unique extracurricular activities allows students to be a part of an in-depth and engaging experience. Enrichment bolsters your child’s abilities, helps them fine-tune their skills and gives them a way to apply their learning and interests to the real world. 

A passionate team with experience

Cascade Enrichment was founded in 2016 by Pamela Savagaonkar, a local and award-winning teacher. Since then, they have grown into a group of diverse and distinguished educators, committed to supporting students. 

Cascade Enrichment tutors know the local education systems and curricula, enabling tutors to address specific issues and prioritize certain content. Local connections, personal engagement, and individual solutions all allow for the highest quality of education for each student. 

Personalized tutoring creates a solid foundation for future learning – be that the coming school week’s lessons or classes that your student will take in the future!



Ming-Xue (Kristina) Chiu is the author of this article and a tutor with Cascade Enrichment. She tutors students in language arts and math, from foundational math skills all the way up to AP Calculus. Ming-Xue is attending Smith College, where she is a STRIDE scholar and works to edit and advise philosophy manuscripts.