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Duck Runner

Photo courtesy of Deep Forest Woodworks

Duck Runner: a classic toy trip down memory lane

Memories come flooding back when a nostalgic toy is rediscovered locally.

The first time my grandfather rolled Duck Runner (aka Duckie) across the floor in front of my 3-year-old feet lo those 52 years ago, I was smitten. Duckie flapped the ground with rubber feet as Grandpa quacked. For days I pushed the toy’s extended handle everywhere I went.

Years later, my own kids loved Duckie just as too, almost as much as our pet cat. Such a simple toy brought decades of joy. 

Imagine my delight in finding Duck Runner at Seattle’s Pacific Northwest Shop. Handmade by Fall City-based Deep Forest Woodworks, the Duck Runner push toy is a throwback — and an invitation — to simple memories and simpler times.


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