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Earthbongo Project of the Month for Kids: Unplug for One Hour

Local youth and families are encouraged to participate in the new project-sharing web site earthbongo, which was created to encourage volunteerism. On the site, users can create a new project or join an existing one, then invite friends to sign up and work on the same project. Based in Seattle, earthbongo aims to give users online tools to engage in their communities locally and globally.

This project, Seattle's Child's environmentally-friendly activity of the month, was recently posted on the site:

Hey, kids: Does your day feel filled up with stuff you don't want to do – chores, homework, stuff like that? Wish you had more time for sports? Playing? Art? Reading? Well, we're going to try a little experiment, so get ready! Take one hour this week, some time when you would have plopped yourself in front of the TV, or a computer game, or some old screen-time habit that you would have spent without even thinking – and this time, think. Don't waste that hour!

To join this project, or to learn more about earthbongo, visit

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