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Beat the heat Seattle

Beat the heat list: 7 ways to cool off in the heat of Seattle summer

Ideas for getting some entertainment and a little heat relief

Beat the heat, Seattle: We’re having a heatwave!  Whether you worship the sun or prefer the cool breeze from an air conditioning unit, here are seven ways your family can enjoy these glorious summer days and still stay cool.

Seattle-area wading pools

Shallow wading pools are a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with little kids. Many of them are near shady trees and park lawns, so pack a picnic.


Seattle-area spray parks and splash pads

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than kids running through sprinklers on a hot day. If you don’t have a backyard with sprinklers (or if you’re minding your water bill), you’ll find a variety of spray parks and splash pads at Seattle-area parks. Here’s what to expect at some of our favorites.


Best beaches for kids

The water is always cool in the greater Seattle area. From lakes to Puget Sound shores, here are the best beaches to take the family.


Seattle indoor pools

In the heat of a summer afternoon, it might be wise to avoid the UV rays and get your swimming fix indoors. This updated list has both indoor and outdoor pools.


Indoor places

Walk a shopping mall, take in a movie, take refuge in a library. Many libraries have made their facilities available as cooling centers.


Frozen treats

Sometimes the best way to cool off is with a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream. Here’s where to find the best ice cream treats around Seattle.


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