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hon mention family pet contest

(Cleo photos courtesy of the Naismith family)

Family Pet Contest honorable mentions

An adorably grumpy cat ... and a family of five pets!

honorable mention family pet contest honorable mention family pet contest honorable mention family pet contest

Honorable mentions: We are grateful to every family who took the time to email us their great photos of life with their furry, scaly and feathered friends! We regret that we can’t use all of the stories and pictures we received.

We’d like to add two families for honorable mentions. Thanks to everyone who participated in the second Seattle’s Child Family Pet Contest. Please keep us up to date on your family’s animal adventures!

The cat (above)!

Cleo is a calico exotic shorthair who joined her family, including 8-year-old twins Tate and Lucy Naismith, in July on Mercer Island. She loves playing with a crumpled Post-it note, and is already a Seahawks fan.

honorable mention family pet contest

(Photos courtesy of Krissi Beeksma)

honorable mention family pet contest family pet contest 2021 family pet contest

The lizard … and four other pets!

This house in northwest Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood is an exciting place for pets and people. Kids Indie and Miles Morse have a lot to do other than online learning, since they have a dog (Gouda), a cat (Orangey), two chickens (Peep and Chippy) and one bearded dragon (Spike) on the premises.

Winner and finalists of this year’s Seattle’s Child Family Pet Contest

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