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Mystery fans don’t miss this show at Taproot Theatre

The show, perfect for mystery-minded kids 10+ and their adult(s), runs through June 22nd

If you or your kids are consumers of detective stories, you might have heard the saying, “I watch mysteries on Netflix in the evenings in order to sleep at night.” This has always resonated with me because if there is a crime, a puzzle, a twist, or an unusual detective involved, I am hooked, and as they’ve gotten older, so are my kids

So, I was thrilled when Taproot Theatre announced their new production: Sherlock Holmes and the Precarious Position. This original play by Margaret Raether is based on the exceptional stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and follows Sherlock, of course, and his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson as they puzzle out a mystery brought to them by their landlady, Mrs. Hudson.

A part of the story

Taproot’s intimate Jewell Mainstage Theater is a perfect setting for this production, allowing the audience to feel like they have stepped inside the show. The tale, more comedy than drama, finds Dr. Watson regularly recounting the events in real-time directly to the audience, much to the annoyance of Sherlock, the amusement of the audience, and the confusion of the other characters. And while upwards of a dozen characters are in the play, just two actors portray the bulk of them, garnering many laughs for the costume and accent changes involved.

Quick change with much laughter

The set, created on what appears to be a large, lazy Susan, allows for quick and entertaining scene changes. The Victorian-era costumes are delightful. The dialogue is full of Cockney rhyming slang (helpfully explained by Dr. Watson). The pacing, fueled by plenty of witty banter, is brisk, allowing 90 minutes (with no intermission) to gallop by unexpectedly. I left feeling quite satisfied with a conundrum neatly solved by this disparate yet reliable pair of old friends and certain to sleep well that night.

Know before you go

The show, perfect for mystery-minded kids 10+ and their adult(s), runs through June 22nd at Taproot Theatre in Greenwood. Be sure to come a little early for a specialty snack and beverage, and try your hand at unraveling the posted Sherlock Holmes riddles or locating the hidden gem in the lobby for a chance to win a free item from concessions! For more information, visit Taproot Theatre’s website.

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