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Favorite read-alouds for kids too young to start school

Encourage the reading habit with these charming and entertaining selections.

These four titles are some of my favorites to recommend to young listeners. Find a cozy place and prepare to be entertained!

Curious EnCOUNTers
By Ben Clanton; illustrated by Jessixa Bagley

The Seattle-based author and illustrator team up to present a silly, pun-filled adventure: counting 13 forest animals. The colorful pictures bring to life the creatures’ outrageous antics, and there’s so much for young eyes to see and find.

I Am a Cat
by Galia Bernstein

Simon, a young cat, is excited to announce to the lion, tiger, cheetah, puma and panther that he is a cat, just like them. The larger cats are  shocked and quick to point out their differences. As children see the expressive drawings showcasing Simon’s interactions with each cat, they’ll be delighted to follow along.

The Squirrels Who Squabbled
By Rachel Bright; illustrated by Jim Field

Told in clever rhyme, both Cyril and Bruce compete for the very last seed-filled pine cone before winter sets in. As they race against each other through the forest as autumn approaches, they soon learn it’s not too late to learn to share.

Bedtime for Sweet Creatures
By Nikki Grimes; illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon

Made to be read out loud, with vibrant art and words ready to jump off the pages. As a mom encourages her little one to get ready for bed, she is met with a vehement “NO.” Mom cleverly assigns animals to the bedtime routine: The teddy bear becomes a fierce bear, and the coiled snake is a blanket. She’s able to persuade her little one – well, almost!