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Halloween events 2020

Even the zoo (and the aquarium at Point Defiance) is more fun when you're in your costume! (Photo: Katie G. Cotterill)

Halloween events 2020 at local zoos and Northwest Trek

Why not celebrate with the animals this year?

Halloween events 2020: Everything is different this year so, if you haven’t done it before, why not celebrate Halloween with the animals at one of your favorite places? Animals love pumpkins, too, and zoos are perfect places to enjoy autumn and even get into the spooky spirit. Go ahead and wear costumes while you’re at it!

Here at the details of three of our favorite animal-related Halloween events 2020:

Pumpkin Loop at Woodland Park

Stroll through the fall colors and find the pumpkikns placed along a one-way walking loop through the zoo. Who knows how many interesting animals you’ll spot along the way?

This being a pandemic, zoo visitors are asked to keep a safe distance from others and to not block the path while stopping to take photos.

The pumpkins will be out beginning Oct. 14 and through Halloween Day, during regular hours. On Oct. 24 and 25, kids will be given treats at the zoo exit.

Costumes are encouraged, and face coverings are required.


Pumpkin Days at Point Defiance

It’ll be pumpkins galore Oct. 24-31: in the exhibits (vote for your favorite) and in the animal areas (you never know when keepers will decide to surprise the animals with pumpkin enrichments.

There also will be a phone-app-based scavenger hunt called the Mystery of the Trees. Clues will point you to animal cutouts “hiding” in the trees.

Costumes are encouraged (family-friendly, please) and face coverings are required.


Haunted Hike at NW Trek

The wildlife park in Eatonville will be decorated, guests can dress up (masks required!) and the animals here will get pumpkin enrichments, too. There will be a scavenger hunt for guests to solve the mystery of the forest by walking the park paths to look and listen for clues. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Oct. 16-31.

Also: The fun play area Kids’ Trek is back open!


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