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Halloween kids’ books: 2 adorable monster stories

These cute "Monster" books are by Spanaway author Amanda Noll.

If you’re looking for Halloween kids’ books, here you go:

My toddler doesn’t know if she wants to wear pants today, but she definitely wants “more monster.” The new board book Are You My Monster?, by Spanaway author, teacher and mother of four Amanda Noll, is a big hit in our house with the under-2 crowd.

The story follows a little boy named Ethan as he compares a drawing of his monster to a series of spectacular real-life monsters. Are their teeth big or small? Do the colors match? Is the tail long or short? Illustrated by Howard McWilliam, a children’s book artist who doubles as the cover artist of the magazine The Week, the fantastic monsters inspire even the most timid of readers to invent characters and read aloud in silly voices.

My little one was equally smitten with McWilliam’s board book I Love My Dragon, which follows a boy and his giant dragon as they go to the beach, swim in the pool, and eat snacks (the toddler version of gym, tan, laundry).

For older kids, How I Met My Monster is the forthcoming prequel to I Need My Monster. The story follows Ethan as goofy monsters emerge from under the bed and compete to become his official monster by scaring him into staying in bed. Their attempts, more funny than frightening, will have readers ages 4-8 giggling themselves into peaceful slumber.

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Originally published in 2019

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