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One Seattle Service Day

One Seattle Service Day volunteers with Mayor Bruce Harrell in 2022. Photo courtesy City of Seattle

One Seattle Day of Service: Families needed!

Second annual city service day seeks thousand of volunteers

Kids learn the importance of giving back to the community by watching adults give back and by being invited to volunteer themselves.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell is extending that ask now, asking volunteers to sign up for the second annual One Seattle Day of Service which will be held on Saturday, May 20, all across the city. 

Families invited

The day-long event is an opportunity for individuals and full families to give back, with volunteer opportunities in each neighborhood across the city, according to event planners. While not all volunteer events are family-friendly, a majority are.

Last year, Harrell’s call for volunteers rallied 4,000 people. They stepped up to pull weeds, wipe away graffiti, rid the streets and parks of trash, and otherwise beautify Seattle. 

“This event will bring thousands of residents from all across the city together, asking them to roll up their sleeves and give their time and energy back to their community,’’ said Harrell this week, when he announced the date of the event. “The organizing principle of our One Seattle vision is we accomplish more when we come together as a community and we work towards a common goal of being part of the solution.

Be the change

“I tell everyone who loves the city gives, you have the right to criticize, you have the right to critique and give feedback,” said Harrell. “But you also have the opportunity to help.” 

Currently, One Seattle Day of Service has openings for 3,000 volunteer shifts in more than over 110 service events across the city. But Harrell said he expects more events and shifts to open in the month-plus leading up to the citywide service day. Last year, service day volunteers helped with city beautification projects, reaching out to people in need, habitat restoration, gardening, graffiti clean-up, and more.

“We are hopeful that the event will continue to grow, the Mayor said. “I want to be very clear. We want to break any records we established last year. We can do this together as a great city.”

More than 100 city partners

So far, the City of Seattle has partnered with more than 100 organizations, including public, private, and nonprofit businesses and sports teams to help facilitate community service day events. 

“We have lots of ways to get involved so I invite every neighbor, everyone to sign up for volunteer shifts,” Harrell said

“The pay is great! It’s joy and you can’t put a price on joy,” added Harrell.

Got an unpaid parking ticket?

“We know that neighbors want to be part of the solution to help us build a thriving, beautiful city, and we can all play a part in creating a better Seattle.”

The city is offering some return on volunteers’ time investment on May 20. Service day participation hours may be used to pay down unpaid city charges, including parking tickets. Up to $50 of fines owed to Seattle Municipal Court will be relieved for three hours of One Seattle Service Day volunteering.

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