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Podcast for Parents: Kids' Courage and Tyrannical Toddlers

This week: For kids, a five-year-old talks about courage and for parents, the tale of a naked toddler who takes her mom hostage.


After a holiday hiatus, I've returned with two podcasts to kick off 2017 — as always, one for kids and one for grown-ups. For the young ones, a new (to me) show co-hosted by toddlers. Fun! And for the big ones, an oldie but goodie from the excellent parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time. 


FOR KIDS (all ages)

Five Minutes with Dad: Teaching Kids About Courage (15 mins)

From the "only parenting podcast starring two toddlers," this episode of Five Minutes with Dad features a five-year-old sharing what it takes to have courage. The hosts, adult and child alike, are great, so it's a super fun listen.

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The Emperor's New Onesie (4 mins)

Have you ever felt taken hostage by your children? Like when trying to get out the door and being met with resistance on just about every front? My wife, Emily, and I re-listened to this older episode from The Longest Shortest Time recently, and it resonated just as deeply as it did the first time we heard it. 

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