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Caspar Babypants

Say it ain’t so! Caspar Babypants has recorded his last album

Beloved children's entertainer is taking his music in a different direction — after putting out one last record.

Explaining that, “I have said what I wanted to say over the course of 19 albums,” Caspar Babypants announced that it will be his last.

A Seattle treasure, Caspar is the alter ego of Seattle rocker Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America fame. His switch to entertaining kids had him taking his simple, upbeat melodies and fun, gentle style to libraries, community centers and the like.

He called the past 12 years “an amazing ride” and performing for families “a dream come true.”

And here’s how he describes the final album, “Easy Breezy”: “There are story songs about cookies and balloons and love songs about feeling sad and happy songs about monkeys that won’t got to bed and nostalgic songs about my own childhood and snow storms among many others.”

Sounds like Caspar Babypants, doesn’t it?

“Easy Breezy” comes out Nov. 5. It can be preordered online through Easy Street.

Although “all grown up” (again), Ballew is not going to stop making music. Here’s his new website.


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