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Visit a new park or return to an old favorite. (iStock photo)

Spring fun: 8 family activities to celebrate spring

So many activities to do this season

Time for spring fun! With the weather improving, gardens beginning to bloom, and more daylight, it’s hard not to celebrate!

Here are some ideas that will keep you active and enjoying the spring.

Go on a picnic

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you eat, getting outside and to a lawn, beach or picnic table will make those PB&Js special. We’ve got ideas for great places, menus and activities, but let me say again: Just take some food (drive-thru, anyone?) and have a nice time! Double points: Have your picnic at Picnic Point park in Edmonds. We know one family who loved their excursion there.

Go to a new park, playground or beach for spring fun

Some ideas:

All-abilities play structure at Juanita Beach in Kirkland

Six of Seattle’s nicest small playgrounds

The best Seattle parks for whatever you are looking for


Go on an adventure!

We put our heads together and came up with 27 Seattle-area outings that go nicely with beloved children’s books. And have you heard about the gnomes in Maple Valley?


Enjoy nature

Have your kids become amateur bird watchers. It’s easy and can even be done from inside. When you’re outside, get to know some of the roly-poly and many-legged creatures you’ll find in the yard.


Grow something

Start a vegetable garden — or at least think about it! Kids are a natural at gardening if you give them the right task and the right amount of guidance.

5 kid-friendly crops to plant in the spring

Guide to container gardening with kids


Visit a garden

We recently checked out eight botanical gardens around the area. Here’s what makes each one a fun and special destination. There’s also the ever-popular Bellevue Botanical Garden, which we checked out with some enthusiastic young explorers.


Spring cleaning

Don’t laugh. It’s a great idea, especially for those spring days that call out for an indoor activity:

Plan more spring fun

Many of our favorite activities and attractions require tickets. There’s still time to check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival or plan a spring time farm visit.

This story was first published in March 2021 and updated in 2023.

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