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Holi celebrations send the colors flying!

The Hindu festival Holi: What it means and how to celebrate

Learn about the joyful, colorful celebration of spring and all that is good.

Celebrate with so much color! Holi is a Hindu festival, widely popular all over India and in Indian communities around the world.

Known as the festival of color and celebrated over two days in March (starting March 18, 2022), the festival is based on Hindu mythology. For centuries the religious holiday has been an important part of the Indian culture, recounting the story of Lord Vishnu and his triumph over the evil King Hiranyakashyapu.

Holi symbolizes the celebration of spring, friendship, family, and the victory of good over evil. Communities gather in the streets to throw bright-colored powder and splash each other with colored water. Red, green and yellow colors dust the air, each carrying its own meaning.

Families also gather to share in this tradition by decorating their homes, sharing food and indulging in sweets. Here are some ways that you can celebrate Holi and the beginning of spring!

Join a Holi celebration

While most events have been canceled because of COVID, the Phinney Neighborhood Association will have its annual family-friendly celebration from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, March 26. With a color-throwing area, food and entertainment, you are destined to ring in the new season in a bright way! Find more details on the event in the Seattle’s Child calendar.

Another event is on March 20th at Redmond City Hall (at the park next to the Library). Join in for plenty of music, dance and masti (mischief) for all ages. Hours are 11-2.

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Holi: sweets, snacks and colorful food

Make a colorful food tray with fruits and veggies or stop at a local Indian market to sample some sweets from the bakery. My family loves the fried donuts soaked in rose syrup (Gulab Jamun) or the mildly spiced samosas mixed with chickpeas, yogurt and onions (Samosa Chaat). Crispy plaintain chips also hit the spot with a hot glass of masala chai.

Mayuri bakery in Redmond or Bothell has a good selection of treats. While you’re there pick up a few small bags of color and plan for a color-throwing party outdoors. (Tip: Don’t wear your best clothing!)

Choose to celebrate with an Indian meal. Order from a local restaurant or choose a recipe to try out.

Blessing the house with a colorful rangoli

Holi: Make a rangoli, dress brightly

Adorn your porch or driveway with spring flowers or powdered colors. Use real petals or sidewalk chalk to make a design. Rangolis are said to bring good luck to your home, family and guests. Spring is all about the color! Tie-dye a T-shirt or wear your brightest outfit to symbolize all the love that you have for one another. In addition, wear colorful accessories to complete your ensemble.

Make colorful shirts to celebrate spring.

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