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Unsung Heroes: Kim & Brandon Haynes put their lives on hold to raise their grandkids

Each day in February, we introduce you to an outstanding caregiver doing important work on behalf of children.

Seattle's Child is proud to once againsponsor the Unsung Heroes being honored in February bythe Department of Children, Youth and FamiliesStrengthening Families Washington.

Every day this month we'll present an Unsung Hero.

Nominations are acceptedfrom around the state and and include biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofit organizations; some mentor others in their communities. All honorees are true heroes: outstanding caregivers doing importantwork on behalf of children.

Kim and Brandon Haynes

I am nominating Kim and Brandon Haynes (ofPort Orchard) as the Unsung Heroes because they have graciously, kindly, lovingly and unselfishly adopted four of their grandchildren and are currently on their fifth adoption. All of the children are from one daughter who is struggling with drug abuse.

Kim has opened her arms to all of these children without complaining, without asking for anything.She continues to have hope that her daughter will one day fight the addiction and be able to get to know her children and be a part of their lives.Kim hadn't heard from her daughter and didn't know if she was OK until the last child was born.

As a social worker, I worked with this family in 2009 for almost two years and now again since 2014. It has been a long journey for all of us. Kim and Brandonlove these children and they talk openly about the parents and reassure the children that the parents love them but they are going through some hard times right now. Kim and Brandon had to get a bigger house and a bigger car to carry all the kids.

The children are happy, healthy and most importantly they are together, which never usually happens when there are this many siblings who need to be placed in foster care. Kim and Brandon work together with the children, and there is a lot of love in this family.I can't say enough about this couple as they have unselfishly put their lives on hold to be loving grandparents and caregivers of their grandchildren.

Nominated by Linda Rose

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