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Unusual baby names inspired by tech and tech companies

Alexa and Lotus, meet Mac, Daemon and Ai.

Imagine you are at the playground at the end of the day and as the sun begins to consider setting, parents around you begin the sing-song music of calling out to their kids to gather and get ready to head home:

“OK, Cloud!” one parent hollers. “Let’s bring it in!”

“Oracle! Five-minute warning!” chimes in another.

All across the playground children listen for their names to be called: Ram, Lotus, Apple, Siri, Oracle …


Only in America

According to the reference website Listicle, these kids are out there, as are the parents who turned to technology in search of unusual and creative baby names. Listophile examined the latest official data from the Social Security Administratoin (released May 2022) to find the most popular baby names for girls and boys in the United States inspired by computer programs, programming languages, virtual assistants and the world’s biggest tech companies.

Here are the most popular tech-inspired names and the technology or companies they came from:

Unusual baby names: boys

1. Mac: Apple Mac
2. Daemon: A background computer program
3. Chip: Microchip
4. Pascal: Pascal programming language
5. Cache: Data cache
6. Cloud: Cloud server
7. Ram: Random Access Memory
8. Lotus: Lotus software
9. Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
10. Cisco: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Unusual baby names: girls

1. Ruby: Ruby programming language
2. Alexa: Amazon’s virtual assistant
3. Lisa: Local Integrated System Architecture
4. Lotus: Lotus software
5. Perl: Perl programming language
6. Memory: Computer memory
7. Apple: Apple Inc.
8. Vi: vi Editor
9. Ai: Artificial Intelligence
10. Siri: Apple’s virtual assistant.
10 (tie) Oracle: Oracle Corporation

So how do these square up against the top 50 names for Washington boys and girls? They don’t. In fact, the top baby names in Washington state have been decidedly old-fashioned over the past several years.

Not much tech here

According to, which also examines name data from the Social Security Administration, Olivia sits at the top of the girls list in our state in 2022. It is followed by Charlotte, Amelia, Emma, Sophia, Evelyn, Luna, Isabella, Harper and Ava.

The top spot of the baby boy names in Washington this year goes to Oliver, followed by Liam, Noah, Theodore, Henry, Benjamin, Elijah, William, Lucas and Alexander.

In fact, there’s not a tech name in site on the list of top 50 boys or girls names over the past five years. Take a look at the full Washington state list at

Still, given the growing technology industry in Washington, don’t be surprised if one day soon you are at that park as dusk begins to fall and the parent you are chatting with suddenly yells out:

“That’s enough, Twitter! No hitting!”

More fun with names: The website My 1st years got a linguistics expert to analyze popular baby names based on how pleasant they sound when spoken. Sounds a little subjective, no? But the lists — one for the United Kingdom, one for the United States — are fun to read. Listophile also offers a list of top travel-inspired baby names. A few that jumped out, in no particular order: Savannah, Catalina, London, Zion, Cairo, Israel. Seattle? Nope.

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