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Book picks for kids: a middle-school coming-of-age tale

And for adults, a short and scary sci-fi novella.

Book picks for kids (and adults):

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here’s a peek at what KCLS staff and the young readers in their lives are digging into this month!

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For Adults: “The Scourge Between Stars” by Ness Brown

Jacklyn “Jack” Albright is one of the last surviving members of her family after a failed attempt to flee Earth and create a new colony. Jack and the colonists head back home, defeated and beset by mechanical problems and dwindling resources. When Jack hears banging in the walls, she believes it’s yet another mechanical failure. However, when her crew finds a disemboweled body, she realizes that something else is on the ship with them. This “Alien”-like horror/thriller sets a relentless pace and never stops accelerating. If you’re looking for a bone-chilling sci-fi, give this short and scary novella a whirl.

For Kids: “Four Eyes by Rex Ogle

Middle school is hard for Rex — his short stature, glasses, sliding grades and dependence on free lunch make him a target for bullies. Even worse, his former best friend starts teasing him too. With moral support from his abuela, and a few new friends who share his interests in superheroes and “Star Wars,” Rex finds his way. Written by Rex Ogle, winner of the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, “Four Eyes” portrays the author’s own past challenges with middle-school pecking orders. Fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jerry Craft will rejoice in this new coming-of-age series with relatable characters and crises.


Jenna Zarzycki is an adult services librarian at KCLS who works in south King County. She adores talking about books to anyone who will listen and regularly contributes to KCLS’ BookMatch and booklist services. Jenna likes fantasy, romance and narrative nonfiction best, although any book has the possibility to become a new favorite. KCLS Children’s Librarian Robin Howe serves her Kent Library community with tuneful Story Times and creative programs. She enjoys connecting young patrons to KCLS’ rich resources, and when she’s not reading aloud or jumping up and down to Sleeping Bunnies, she’s probably knitting, traveling or making soup


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