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Book picks for kids: ‘Remember’ has powerful poetry, gorgeous images

"Remember" is awe-inspiring poetry for all ages.

Book picks for kids (and adults):

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here’s a peek at what KCLS staff and the young readers in their lives are digging into this month!

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The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson 

Maggie Banks feels like a failure. She’s looking for a fresh start in a new town, with a new job at a bookstore. But things don’t go as planned when Maggie arrives in Bell River. The town is obsessed with its late local author Edward Bell. This devotion extends to the bookstore, which bans anything published after the author’s death in 1968. Horrified, Maggie starts secretly selling new, popular items and creates an underground book club. When the book club is threatened, it’s up to Maggie and her newfound friends to fight for their books and uncover the true legacy of Edward Bell. Shauna Robinson’s new novel could be your next great vacation read, complete with romance, literary love and quirky townsfolk.

Remember by Joy Harjo, illustrated by Michaela Goade 

Former United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo adapts one of her poems into this gorgeous picture book. Each phrase encourages ancestral reflections, fosters connections to the world around us and uncovers the stories that build our histories. There could be no better illustrator for Harjo’s luminous words than Michaela Goade, who’s stunning natural landscapes dance around the text in rich, glowing hues. The images will make readers linger on each page just as much as the calm yet powerful poetry. Children and parents alike can enjoy feeling closer to the universe around them with this awe-inspiring piece.



Jenna Zarzycki is an adult services librarian at KCLS who works in south King County. She adores talking about books to anyone who will listen and regularly contributes to KCLS’ BookMatch and booklist services. Jenna likes fantasy, romance and narrative nonfiction best, although any book has the possibility to become a new favorite.


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