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Book picks: In ‘Group Hug,’ adorable animals teach a lesson about feelings

And "I Have Some Questions for You" will leave adult readers with many of them

Book picks for kids (and adults):

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here’s a peek at what KCLS staff and the young readers in their lives are digging into this month!

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Adults: I Have Some Questions for You, by Rebecca Makkai

Bodie Kane is a true crime podcaster and academic who returns to her alma mater, the elite Granby School, to teach a course. Being back at Granby brings up memories of her former college roommate’s death and the young man who was convicted of her murder in a hotly contested case. Up until now, Bodie has avoided thinking about whether the debates have merit, but her return to campus forces her take a closer look at the case. Rebecca Makkai’s novel grapples with issues around race, gender, class and the ethics of the true crime genre, and will leave readers with complex questions that reach far beyond a conventional mystery.

Kids: Group Hug, by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Joey Chou

A slug travels along a leaf in search of someone to hug in Reidy’s cheerful picture book. Along comes a lonely beetle, and then a grumpy mouse, and the slug offers each a warm embrace. They also meet a skunk, a beaver, a porcupine, a goose, and a fox, and discover that there is always room for a bigger group hug. This sweet story is punctuated with funny rhymes and cute characters, and its simple descriptions of emotions will help kids learn about feelings and how to talk about them.


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Librarian Rekha Kuver is the youth and family services manager for the King County Library System. As a reader, she likes characters with rich internal lives and settings with a vivid sense of time and place. When she’s not reading or listening to audiobooks, she’s making art or spending time outdoors.