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Book picks: ‘Francis Discovers Possible’ shows power of words

Also "Four Treasures of the Sky," a heartbreaking depiction of important history

Book picks for kids (and adults):

Looking for some reading inspiration? Here’s a peek at what KCLS staff and the young readers in their lives are digging into this month!

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Adults: Four Treasures of the Sky, by Jenny Tinghui Zhang

When Daiyu is born, she is named after a tragic Chinese legend, and grows up wondering if her fate is doomed. After a short-lived idyllic childhood with her parents and grandmother, she is orphaned, kidnapped and smuggled overseas at the age of 13. After being held captive and put to work in San Francisco, she escapes and makes her way to Idaho, where she lives in disguise as a young man. Set in the late 19th century during the United States Chinese Exclusion Act, Tinghui Zhang’s engrossing historical fiction novel explores the brutality of the period for those who were trafficked and persecuted against this backdrop. Daiyu’s continued perseverance in the face of searing exploitation is a heartbreaking depiction of important history.

KidsFrancis Discovers Possible, by Ashlee Latimer, illustrated by Shahrzad Maydani

Francis loves learning new words. When her teacher asks the kids to name words that start with the letter “F,” someone maliciously says “Fat, like Francis.” Francis has never thought of “fat” as a negative word, until now, and she suddenly feels self-conscious. When her father picks her up from school to take her to the park, she doesn’t want to run and play like she normally does. Her Baba introduces a new word: “possible.” Francis thinks about what is possible as they explore the park. This word makes Francis feel warm and big, which was how she used to think of the word “fat,” and her confidence begins to return. Maydani’s illustrations help tell the story through the presentation of movement, and the airy, soft pastel watercolors depict characters of many skin tones and body types.


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Librarian Rekha Kuver is the youth and family services manager for the King County Library System. As a reader, she likes characters with rich internal lives and settings with a vivid sense of time and place. When she’s not reading or listening to audiobooks, she’s making art or spending time outdoors.