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Car-time Distraction: Mindy Mousekins

Entertaining your little ones on the road

How does one entertain a strapped-in child? On a recent road trip my sister sang for an hour straight to ward off her daughter’s “I want out!” tantrums. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, Whispering Bog Books has created the perfect road trip entertainment: Mindy Mousekins. Stories about this small mouse and her forest friends enthrall little ones. “I like mousie CD this big,” says 4-year-old Anya, holding her hands a foot apart, “and Noah likes it THIS big!” she says of her 2-year-old brother, stretching to reach her arm span. How does mom Sarah Bergman feel about Mindy? “Grateful my 2-year old imprinted on a CD that is so pleasant for grown-ups. It’s the Mister Rogers of story CDs — with a British accent!” That accent and classical music accompaniment make these gentle stories resonate deeply. They transport children to a magical land where car seats don’t exist.