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Emily’s Picks: tale of 2 bunnies is also a lesson in friendship

And for grownups, a great mystery to sink your teeth into.

When fellow parents ask how I find time to read with a baby and a preschooler at home, I tell them I read what I love! Here’s a peek at what I’m enjoying and what my children and I are reading together, because finding books they love will help your kids read more too. Both of these titles, and many more, are available as eBooks or audiobooks in KCLS’ digital collection. Or check out a hard copy with one of KCLS’ contactless pickup services.

"The Survivors" book coverWhat I’m Reading: “The Survivors” by Jane Harper
If you’re a mystery fan who hasn’t discovered Harper yet, you’re in for a treat. Her latest follows young father Kiernan Elliot, who returns to his hometown to help his aging parents. During his visit, a body is discovered on the beach. The murder dredges up memories of a tragedy that shook the town over a decade earlier, when Kiernan was a teen. Harper’s settings are always vivid and atmospheric, and Kiernan’s seaside town, which empties out after the summer holidays, is no exception.

"In a Jar" book coverWhat We’re Reading: “In a Jar” by Deborah Marcero

In this enchanting book, a bunny named Llewelyn collects “ordinary things, like buttercups, feathers, and heart-shaped stones” in jars. When he meets another bunny called Evelyn, they begin collecting together. Marcero’s beautiful illustrations show how each jar captures not just an item, but a memory. When Evelyn moves away, they must figure out how to continue their friendship across the distance. Two of my preschooler’s favorite friends have moved away during the pandemic, and this gorgeous book has given us a way to talk about how sad that makes her, and how we can stay friends with people who are far away.


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About the Author

Emily Calkins

Emily Calkins is the readers' services program coordinator for the King County Library System, where she specializes in connecting readers with stories, authors and each other. She is also the co-host of the library’s podcast, The Desk Set. As a reader, she likes flawed characters, atmospheric world-building, and anything with a slow-burn romance. When she’s not reading or listening to audiobooks, she’s cooking, gardening and spending time with her family.