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Inside fun: Keep busy while Seattle skies are smoky

While we wait for clear skies, here are some of our best ideas for inside fun.

Originally published Sept. 14, 2020


Ugh. Will it ever end? Inside fun to the rescue!

Here we sit and wait for a change in the weather to sweep away the wildfire smoke that’s been choking us for days. It’s just not safe to be outside!

So what’s an already-stir-crazy family to do? Read books, watch movies, play games, rearrange the furniture (?), take turns cooking meals for each other (don’t forget dessert). Go online and plan a vacation for when we can travel again. Have everyone pick a state or country and write a report on it. (Seriously!) Catch up on sleep. Catch up on laundry. Catch up on email — or how about old-fashioned letter writing?

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