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Read a great book on a beach!

Picture books are great choices for sandy summertime fun.

Beach books: If you’re looking for some fun beach-blanket reads, these four recommendations are sure to make waves this summer!


beach books


The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken
by Jennifer Frank; illustrated by David Ezra Stein

Follow along with Emma, oldest daughter of the Worm family, as she shares her excitement over the upcoming family portrait. Her endeavors to get the perfect picture will help young readers see how lovely it is just to be yourself.

beach books


A Tree for Mr. Fish
by Peter Stein

Mr. Fish has a tree and he is certainly not going to share branches with the likes of Bird and Cat. However, Mr. Fish will learn that there are downfalls to limiting oneself to just one point of view, and that opening up to others has some excellent payoffs.

beach books



by Kelly DiPucchio; illustrated by Raissa Figueroa

Join adventurous, treasure-hunting mermaid Oona as she goes after her biggest find to date, a beautiful, glittering crown! A delightful story of ingenuity and problem-solving accompanied by gorgeous art, Oona is the perfect heroine tale to take to the beach.


beach books


Ship in a Bottle
by Andrew Prahin

Mouse is on a journey to find a new home after encountering difficulties with his previous roommate, Cat. This is a story about the hardships of finding a new place in the world that shows how taking big, brave risks can lead to big, awesome rewards.

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