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This Spokane mom strives to become the best version of herself | Unsung Hero

Tammara Shoulders is a mother fully engaged in parental resilience

Seattle’s Child is proud to partner with the state Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington to honor outstanding caregivers doing important work on behalf of children.

All month long, we’ll introduce you to Unsung Heroes from around the state: biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofits; some mentor others in their communities. Enjoy their stories.


Tammara Shoulders, Spokane

I am nominating Tammara as she has demonstrated growth and parental resilience.

Tammara overcame extreme adverse life experiences to begin the journey of trauma mastery and continued to overcome hurdles in her desire to engage in recovery to become the best version of herself as a individual and a mother.

I met Tammara several years ago as a student with Community Colleges of Spokane. At that time Tammara was in long-term recovery but in an abusive relationship that she was attempting to exit, eventually relapsing and becoming CPS-involved. Tammara struggled to get clean, making one healthy choice after the other. Tammara engaged in services and support that would assist her in stabilizing and lived the principles that she was learning.

I am pleased to say that as of two weeks ago Tammara received full custody of her children. She continues to engage in services and support her children’s trauma recovery. Tammara exhibits the characteristics of a mother fully engaged in parental resilience.


Nominator: Carmen Pacheco Jones



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