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Create Art Outside the Box

Bring art home with Outside the Box Creation, a subscription box service for both kids and adults. It’s well known that kids thrive when exposed to art and the theory behind it, but as school budgets get cut, so does kids’ exposure to art.

This subscription box, geared toward elementary-aged children, comes with a book that initiates the art adventure and complements the lesson along with enough supplies (and leftovers!) for up to two kids.

“We pride ourselves on giving enough structure so that everyone can feel successful, but also provide many opportunities for creativity,” says Beth Herrild of Outside the Box Creation.

Herrild started Outside the Box Creation after working as an art docent in the Issaquah School District and deciding she wanted to bring art to all children. She also gives back to the community by donating boxes to the Issaquah Schools Foundation as well as Children’s Hospital, and she is sponsoring a Family Day at the Bellevue Art Museum on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Kids’ boxes are available in a month-to-month subscription or in prepaid three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions. For parents looking to get in on the action, Art with Friends art boxes come in three different themes and are available in non-subscription, two-person or four-person sizes. Everything is included, along with suggestions for wine and food pairings and themed cocktail napkins.